Information for Swiss Citizens Living in the U.S.

Please let us know about any changes in your civil status or address. © FDFA

Please let us know about any changes in your civil status or address. © FDFA

Change of Address
Have you moved recently? Please let us know so we can send you information about our citizen services and contact you if necessary. It´s easy to do. Just complete the online form. If you prefer, you can also send us a letter.

Notify Us about Changes in Your Civil Status
Please let us know about any changes in your civil status. Changes need to be entered in both the U.S. and Swiss civil status registers. Civil status changes can involve marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, adoption, or a name change, among others. This list is not exhaustive. Please visit the Embassy of Switzerland´s webpage to find out what documents must be submitted and how they should be submitted.

Government-Issued IDs
If you want to renew your Swiss passport or ID, you need to apply in person so we can collect your biometric data. Your biometric data can be collected at any Swiss processing center (practically all Swiss representations abroad) and all cantonal passport offices which are equipped to do so. Your passport doesn´t have to be near its expiration date for you to have your biometric data collected. Why don´t you do it on your next trip to Switzerland or when you travel to a city where a Swiss representation is located? You just have to make sure you initiate the registration through the representation where you are currently registered. Click here for more information.

Please note: In Step No. 9, you have to indicate where and when you want to have your biometric data collected.
List of all cantonal passport offices (only in German, French or Italian language)
List of Swiss representations abroad

Allow at least two months before your trip to make sure you can schedule an appointment at the respective processing center.

New: Online desk for Swiss nationals residing abroad

It is our pleasure to inform you that the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) is providing Swiss nationals residing abroad with an online desk for consular services as of now.

With the online desk you can enter your own data yourself at any time or place. You can also view your data at any time, order consular services and pay for them by credit card via ePayment.

The desk can be accessed on the FDFA website under ‘Online desk’ and on the websites of the Swiss representations.

You can register with the online desk in two ways that ensure protection of client data:

a) Two-factor-authentication via SMS to a mobile telephone number

b) SuisseID

You can register with a digital identity card.
Information on Suisse ID is available on

The online desk has a responsive web design and can be used with a PC and all mobile devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones).

We plan to expand the services offered via the online desk on a ongoing basis and hope that with this innovation Swiss nationals residing abroad will be able to communicate even more easily with the Swiss representations abroad.

If you have any questions concerning the online desk, please contact the representation responsible for you.


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