Celebrating ten years of partnership between San Francisco and Zurich

This year, the great cities of San Francisco and Zurich celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their Sister City Initiative. A number of celebratory events, ranging from urban development to life sciences, a film festival with the San Francisco Film Society, a photo exhibition, and mutual visits by representatives of both cities, will mark the anniversary.

The partnership began in 2003 when the two cities agreed to cooperate in several areas of mutual interest, such as nonstop air service between both cities, an artist-in-residence exchange program, a student exchange program, sharing information and best practices for green storm-water management technologies between the utilities departments of both cities, supporting a dialogue in the field of biotechnology and life sciences research institutions, and pursuing a program to share best practice solutions among government personnel.

From June 1 to 8, 2013, Zurich´s Mayor Corinne Mauch will visit San Francisco to participate in the events and meet with Mayor Edwin M. Lee. Prior to the mayor´s visit, delegates representing all the areas of cooperation will meet their counterparts in San Francisco to discuss culture, urban development, technology, and life sciences.

A photo exhibition, cocurated by the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries and the City of Zurich, will showcase works by photographers from both cities.

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